150 Million Cards…

Every year, 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged. This is just behind the number of Christmas Cards exchanged each year. Remember, as a child, being excited to share your cute little valentines with your classmates? The fun themes like “I dig you” with the Tonka trucks, or “You are super” with Superman? The girls would go for something like “Hoo Likes you” with an owl theme. How about that one kid that passed out the nose cards with a pencil shoved up it that said “I Pick You”. Yes, we all remember “that kid” in our class! Do you ever wonder what “that kid” is up to now as an adult?

As we grow up, our Valentines become more elaborate. We choose Cookie Bouquets, Cupcakes, Candies and Flowers to show our love. According to theatlantic.com, Americans spent $20 Billion in 2013 on Valentine’s Day. Whew, that’s a lot of love to share.

So are you on board with Valentine’s Day or do you feel like it’s just another Hallmark Holiday? Why do we celebrate it anyway? There are many myths and legends as to how Valentine’s Day came to be and who exactly is St. Valentine. I will not bore you with all of that, but if you are truly interested you can find some facts here at The Holiday Spot. http://www.theholidayspot.com/valentine/history_of_valentine.htm

When you live in Michigan and it is the dead of winter, a little brightening up on Valentine’s Day sounds good to me. I like to be thought of, and I am sure you do too. Surprising someone with a gift or treat is the perfect way to do it. That is where Cookies and Cupcake by Design of Grand Rapids can be your gift giving savior.

Looking for a gift for your beau, significant other, spouse? We bake up the perfect delicious Cookies-by-Design bouquets decorated in hearts or roses. They are beautiful and delicious too.

How about a best friend that is anti-Valentine because she finds herself single this year? No worries, a sweet single Cookie on a Stick with a wacky face heart design will be the perfect sentiment to let her know you’ve got her back and Valentine’s Day is overrated!

How about a teacher, co-worker, neighbor, hairdresser that you just want to brighten their day? A single Cupcake by Design in one of our delicious gourmet flavors would be the perfect drop-off and leave-on-their-desk treat!

You worked all day and you can’t go home to your family and kids without something? Then stop in and pick up our delightful assortment of Valentine Decorated Cupcakes at our Grandville, Michigan location. The perfect end to your dinner and will make them squeal with delight.

Whoever you need to surprise, let us help you. We offer Hand Delivery in the Greater Grand Rapids area, Lakeshore, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Nationwide shipping.

For a complete list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you can visit http://www.cookiesbydesign.com/valentines-day-gifts

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