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Celebrate your Birthday with a FREE Cupcake

Some are getting ready to hit a milestone birthday, such as reaching 16 and getting your driver’s license, or 21 and getting your shiny new ID.

Then there are some getting ready to celebrate a birthday that they want to pretend isn’t happening.

Either way, September is full of birthdays. In fact, September is the No. 1 birthday month of the year. So if you’re running out of ways to say “Happy Birthday” to everyone in the next few weeks, you’re not alone.

There are hundreds of ways to celebrate a birthday. Throwing a birthday party is of course always fun. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by friends and family and eating cake or lots of cupcakes which Cookies by Design is here for, on your special day, but there are so many other ways to make your birthday unlike any other day of the year.

You can go to a concert, go on a weekend road trip to a fun city like Grand Rapids, treat yourself to a spa or relaxation day, or even do something crazy and go skydiving because it’s your birthday and you can.

No matter how you choose to celebrate yours or someone else’s birthday, make sure to not skip out on the most important part: a freshly-baked cupcake from Grandville’s Cookies and Cupcake by Design because after all, you get this day only once a year and you deserve a treat. Choose your favorite flavor such as cookie dough, chunky monkey, or birthday cake … how fitting!

So, don’t fret about how to celebrate all these September birthdays, we’ve got you covered for whatever celebration you choose!

We celebrate You all Year Long. Sign up for the Birthday Club to receive a FREE cupcake the month of your birthday. 

Family Reunion Season is in Full Swing

July is officially known as Family Reunion Month.  This is a good time to get relatives to all come together. Whether it is families who see each other every weekend or ones that haven’t seen each other in years, this month is dedicated to finally planning that trip you’ve been putting off and get together with the people who are most important in your life.

There are many ways to put on a family reunion. In past years, my family has rented out a wing of a hotel because there are so many of us. However, some families can get together and  just stay at one of the relative’s houses.

It may be difficult for everyone to find a week, or even just a weekend, when everyone can get together. My family put it off for years because there was always one or two that couldn’t swing it. However, when we all finally made it happen one year, we realized how important it is to gather with the ones you love.

Take that week or weekend off that you have been telling yourself you would to go see your family. It may seem like you could be doing other things, like working around the house or getting that job done, but once you finally do, it will be worth it.

Need some help deciding where to hold your family reunion?  Here are some ideas;

And don’t even fret about how you are going to supply food for the reunion because we have that covered. We deliver custom cookie bouquets and cupcakes to the greater Grand Rapids area, Lakeshore, Lansing, and Kalamazoo. For all of our cookies and cupcake options, follow this link and place your order!

Cupcakes, Cookies and Fireworks Too!

The day everyone looks forward to and the peak of the summer: The Fourth of July. Whether you’re spending the day on the beach or grilling in your backyard, today is meant to celebrate the day our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Now, I won’t bore you with facts about the Fourth of July because we all know we’re just excited to have a day to relax and not have to work or learn. So, kick back and celebrate Independence Day by watching fireworks, spending time with family and friends, and consuming endless amounts of burgers, hot dogs, and our favorite: some delicious freshly-baked cookies and cupcakes.

Not only do we have Fourth of July themed desserts, we also have cupcake flavors that are sure to get everyone in the summer mood such as Pink Lemonade, Oberon, and Key Lime Pie. It’s one less thing to worry about for your Fourth of July bash when Cookies and Cupcake by Design hand-delivers to the greater Grand Rapids area, Lakeshore, Lansing, and Kalamazoo.

Follow this link to take a look at all the custom cookie ideas, cupcakes decorations, and summer flavors we have available.

The Perfect Father’s Day

We all want to give the dads in our lives the perfect Father’s Day. But, how do you even create the perfect day for someone who has given you the world? Husband, father, or grandpa, it’s hard to imagine showing all of your appreciation for them just in one day.

I remember years ago I had created, in my mind, the perfect Father’s Day for my dad. I had mastered the perfect plan of golfing in Grand Rapids, movies, and nice meals out. But, that was just it. The last thing my dad wanted was another plan to follow. All he had wanted to do was relax and spend time with the family. I realized that about halfway through the day when I suggested we cancel the rest of the plan and go home to relax and there was a huge sigh of relief. All fathers are different and some may like the hustle and bustle, but for mine, no plan was the best plan.

These recent years, Father’s Day has consisted of sleeping in, laying by the pool, and a Father’s Day gift of a custom cookie bouquet of course, hand delivered, so no worrying about picking it up. Sounds like the perfect Father’s Day, right? Let us help you re-create it for your dad. Cookies and Cupcake by Design in Grandville delivers our freshly-baked cookie bouquets right to your door in the Grand Rapids area, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Lakeshore.

Looking for some treats to celebrate with Dad? How about our June flavor of the month, Oberon Cupcake. A delicious mix of chocolate cake infused with Oberon Beer, what is not to love when paired with Dad’s favorite meal and cold brew.

For more Father’s Day gift options visit our website at and give them the Father’s Day they want and deserve.

150 Million Cards…

Every year, 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged. This is just behind the number of Christmas Cards exchanged each year. Remember, as a child, being excited to share your cute little valentines with your classmates? The fun themes like “I dig you” with the Tonka trucks, or “You are super” with Superman? The girls would go for something like “Hoo Likes you” with an owl theme. How about that one kid that passed out the nose cards with a pencil shoved up it that said “I Pick You”. Yes, we all remember “that kid” in our class! Do you ever wonder what “that kid” is up to now as an adult?

As we grow up, our Valentines become more elaborate. We choose Cookie Bouquets, Cupcakes, Candies and Flowers to show our love. According to, Americans spent $20 Billion in 2013 on Valentine’s Day. Whew, that’s a lot of love to share.

So are you on board with Valentine’s Day or do you feel like it’s just another Hallmark Holiday? Why do we celebrate it anyway? There are many myths and legends as to how Valentine’s Day came to be and who exactly is St. Valentine. I will not bore you with all of that, but if you are truly interested you can find some facts here at The Holiday Spot.

When you live in Michigan and it is the dead of winter, a little brightening up on Valentine’s Day sounds good to me. I like to be thought of, and I am sure you do too. Surprising someone with a gift or treat is the perfect way to do it. That is where Cookies and Cupcake by Design of Grand Rapids can be your gift giving savior.

Looking for a gift for your beau, significant other, spouse? We bake up the perfect delicious Cookies-by-Design bouquets decorated in hearts or roses. They are beautiful and delicious too.

How about a best friend that is anti-Valentine because she finds herself single this year? No worries, a sweet single Cookie on a Stick with a wacky face heart design will be the perfect sentiment to let her know you’ve got her back and Valentine’s Day is overrated!

How about a teacher, co-worker, neighbor, hairdresser that you just want to brighten their day? A single Cupcake by Design in one of our delicious gourmet flavors would be the perfect drop-off and leave-on-their-desk treat!

You worked all day and you can’t go home to your family and kids without something? Then stop in and pick up our delightful assortment of Valentine Decorated Cupcakes at our Grandville, Michigan location. The perfect end to your dinner and will make them squeal with delight.

Whoever you need to surprise, let us help you. We offer Hand Delivery in the Greater Grand Rapids area, Lakeshore, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Nationwide shipping.

For a complete list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you can visit

Charming Way To Celebrate Administrative Assistant’s Day


Thursday, April 24, is Administrative Assistant’s Day. The administrative professional accomplishes many tasks each day:

A – nswers, assists, accumulates, allocates, arranges, authorizes … Achieves

D – etails, defines, discusses, documents, distributes … Delivers

M – anages, monitors, maintains, maximizes … Motivates

I – nvestigates, informs, influences … Inspires

N – egotiates, notifies … Nurtures

Here at Cookies by Design & Cupcake by Design in Grand Rapids, we have a delicious way to help you appreciate the important Administrative Assistant in your life. Our bakery will hand deliver to the Greater Grand Rapids area, Lansing, Kalamazoo and Lake Shore areas. Choose from a delightful, customized cookie bouquet or a wonderful box of cupcakes!

Celebrate the special people in your life any day at Cupcake by Design/Cookies by Design/Candy Emporium, 3080 44th Street SW, Grandville (in front of Cabela’s and Target).

Cookies and Cupcake By Design Speaks Your Love Language This Valentine’s Day

(The following Valentine’s Day preview is rated PG-14 for romantic language and sweet innuendo.)

cookies and cupcakesOf course he meant well. The lengths to which he went to provide a romantic Valentine’s Day were unexpectedly sweet. He arranged for relatives to take our two small boys for the night, bought a luscious bouquet of roses, filled the bathtub with softly scented bubbles and lined the room with candles. The sultry voice of Luther Vandross in the background, an uncorked bottle of red wine, a gossamer pink teddy spread provocatively across the bed … all the details to guarantee success, right?

Poor guy. Really if he only knew that this woman just wanted some snuggly p.j.’s, glass of wine and a sweet treat or two and just some time to have a conversation even if that means conversation candy style cookie bouquet.

Cookies by Design Grand Rapids offers the sweetest Valentine gifts and with Hand Delivery it is made so simple to order. Try Cupcake by Design’s gourmet Valentine Collection, a duo of cakes kissed with heart-y, hand-decorated buttercream frosting. And the amore doesn’t stop there — for the entire month of February, Cupcake by Design in Grand Rapids is offering uniquely romantic cakes in sexy flavors like Red Hot Mama (vanilla cupcake with cinnamon candies and cinnamon cream cheese frosting), French Kiss a delicious vanilla cake with chocolate cake and cheesecake filling, topped with chocolate and cream cheese frosting and of course sealed with a kiss, and Chocolate Covered Strawberry (chocolate cake with  strawberry filling and strawberry frosting with chocolate drizzle) and a New flavor this year, Sweet Valentine, a pink vanilla cupcake with red and white swirled frosting and topped with your own chocolate heart candy! Looking for cookies as well, try a combination cookie bouquet with cupcakes gift!

Come feel the love this Valentines day at our Cupcake by Design/Cookies by Design/Candy Emporium store, 3080 44th St SW, Grandville, MI (in front of Cabela’s and Target).

National Brownie Day – December 7th

Sometimes the only way to stay sane, is to go a little crazy.” ~ Unknown

National Brownie Day is celebrated on December 7th in honor of this humble but wildly popular treat. The origins of the brownie are uncertain. Did a loony chef throw chocolate into his biscuits? Did a flighty housewife “ruin” a cake recipe and serve it anyway? Regardless, Cupcake by Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan is nuts about brownies.

Brownies drive us bonkers, seriously crazy with their chewy, chocolaty goodness! If we were the rational types, we’d confine the deliriously decadent brownie to a square pan or a snack in the hand. But no, that’s not how we roll (or ‘cake, as the case may be). Instead we are busting out a crazy vanilla cupcake with chunks and bits of gooey chocolate brownie, and even MORE brownies lurking in the frosting.

But why stop there? Finishing off with extra chocolate drizzle seems the reasonable thing to do. Not cuckoo enough for you? Then how about a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie? We start with a big hunk of gooey delectable chocolate brownie and scoop an ever bigger hunk of eggless cookie dough on top! Grab a fork, spoon, fingers, whatever you have to dive in and enjoy this Cupcake by Design special treat!

Here’s how all the madness happens …

Are we going off the rails on this crazy cupcake train? Nah. We’re sensible enough to offer $1.00 off any brownie or cupcake on December 7! Come see us and say “I love brownies” to receive your $1.00 off at 3080 44th St SW in Grandville (in front of Target and Cabela’s) for your taste of sweet sanity.


brownie madness (1)
cookie dough brownie
brownie batter
brownie 3

Need A Last Minute Gift? Let us Help YOU!

W446-Sweet-Emojis-YMHAlarm goes off, you hit the snooze
You have a million things to do
Oh, just a few more zzzzz’s will be okay.

When suddenly you’re wide-awake
You promised hubby birthday cake
You have no time to bake! What will he say?!

Co-worker just had Baby One
You’d like to give her something fun
Something unique to say “Congrats! Hooray!”

Then you remember best friend Sue
You know that she’s been feeling blue
What sort of gift would brighten up her day?

You have to work, no time to shop
There must be somewhere you can stop
For all the gifts you need to get today

Oh, but there is! And all under one roof!

A121---Speedy-Recovery-9-cookie-SCCookies by Design/Cupcake by Design offers “Gifts to Go,” beautifully hand-decorated cookies and cupcakes for any occasion – and all created within minutes so you can be on your way!

Our “Get Well Soon” cookie bouquet featuring cheerful little turtle cookies is a sweet treat bound to make anyone feel better. Or perk up someone with our “To Brighten Your Day” bouquet with hilarious emoji-decorated treats that can’t help but improve your outlook on life. And the ‘cakes … mmmm the cakes! Decadent daily flavors like Salted Caramel, Chocolate Divine, or choose a Flavor of the Month!

Short on time but long on the list of gifts to give? “Gifts to Go” are the perfect solution – the recipient gets a delicious, personal gift and YOU get the accolades for being so thoughtful. “Gifts to Go” are available in a variety of price points to fit your budget. Stop by Cookies by Design/Cupcake by Design (3080 44th Street SW, Grandville, in front of Cabela’s and Target).

No time to stop by? No worries, delivery available. Call for details (616) 532-3067

FREE Cookies and Cupcakes to Help You Sweeten Up Your Boss

Boss’s Day, October 16

Cookies Boss WeekBig Cheese. Fearless Leader. Big Kahuna. Queen Bee. Whatever the moniker, it’s pretty clear, THE BOSS. IS. THE BOSS.

Good or bad is not the point, the more important thing is….


Now before you go all “Norma Rae” on me (Google it!), think about this. Most bosses got where they are without you. So how do you get them where they want to be … with you?

Commence … THE SCHMOOZE.

Bosses Day is the perfect opportunity to let your superior know you appreciate all the work they do. It’s your chance to go above and beyond to score extra brownie points (aka promotion?) with something really sweet. Like, a custom cookie bouquet OR decadent cupcake creation — oh so personal, and oh so easy with the help of Cookies by Design/Cupcake by Design in Grand Rapids.


Cookies by Design/Cupcake by Design is celebrating Boss’s Day by giving away a Cookie Bouquet to a winning boss AND a Dozen Gourmet Cupcakes to the boss’s nominator! All you need to do is …

Follow this link and tell us in 200 words or less why your Boss is the best.  

But here is the most SCHMOOZE-ALICIOUS part of all! The owner (Boss) of Cookies by Design, Jennifer, will surprise the winning boss at their work place on Friday October 16th, with the winning prize! Icing, Icing, baby!

Boss’s Day is a tasteful way to treat YOURSELF as well! Come see us at 3080 44th St, Grandville, in front of Cabela’s and Target.

For Boss’s Day Gift Ideas visit:

For complete contest rules, click here.

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