Celebrate your Birthday with a FREE Cupcake

Some are getting ready to hit a milestone birthday, such as reaching 16 and getting your driver’s license, or 21 and getting your shiny new ID.

Then there are some getting ready to celebrate a birthday that they want to pretend isn’t happening.

Either way, September is full of birthdays. In fact, September is the No. 1 birthday month of the year. So if you’re running out of ways to say “Happy Birthday” to everyone in the next few weeks, you’re not alone.

There are hundreds of ways to celebrate a birthday. Throwing a birthday party is of course always fun. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by friends and family and eating cake or lots of cupcakes which Cookies by Design is here for, on your special day, but there are so many other ways to make your birthday unlike any other day of the year.

You can go to a concert, go on a weekend road trip to a fun city like Grand Rapids, treat yourself to a spa or relaxation day, or even do something crazy and go skydiving because it’s your birthday and you can.

No matter how you choose to celebrate yours or someone else’s birthday, make sure to not skip out on the most important part: a freshly-baked cupcake from Grandville’s Cookies and Cupcake by Design because after all, you get this day only once a year and you deserve a treat. Choose your favorite flavor such as cookie dough, chunky monkey, or birthday cake … how fitting!

So, don’t fret about how to celebrate all these September birthdays, we’ve got you covered for whatever celebration you choose!

We celebrate You all Year Long. Sign up for the Birthday Club to receive a FREE cupcake the month of your birthday. 

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