Crazy Aunts and “Cuptails”??

Everybody seems to have that one Aunt. You know … the slightly crazy yet totally irresistible one. My Aunt Elsie would swoop into town every summer, arriving from Florida in her pea green Pontiac complete with plastic dancing hula girl on the dashboard. She brought her own brand of loving chaos, as well as Cuban cigars for Grandpa and a Key lime “peace offering” for Grandma. She took us snorkeling in Lake Michigan, where we scored three pair of sunglasses and over five bucks in change. She sneaked us sugarcoated bananas before dinner. She was all-things tropical, from her floral print muumuus to her seashell jewelry. My grandma, Aunt Elsie’s sister, often called Elsie “nuts” – and I found that clever, as Elsie’s brown tanned skin and fluffy white hair was exactly like a coconut. She smelled of hibiscus and always seemed to have a little umbrella drink in-hand. Being around Aunt Elsie was like one big beach party!

Such fond memories deserve an especially sweet tribute … Cuptails! Alcohol infused cupcakes in the tropical flavors of summer


Pineapple Rum Punch – This summery cupcake is made with pineapple rum, mango and pineapples blended together makes for the perfect summer treat. Frosted with a rum pineapple buttercream frosting and garnished with a pineapple wedge. A punch of tropical delight.

Bahama Mama – A yellow cake with added orange zest, filled with a delightful coconut rum and cherry filling, frosting with a fruity buttercream frosting. Oh Mama!

Alcohol in cupcakes?! Just like Aunt Elsie, slightly crazy. But also like Aunt Elsie, totally irresistible since Cuptails are safe for people of all ages. Alcohol evaporates in the baking process yet adds enough flavor

And at only $3.95, Cuptails are perfect for your big beach leave you wanting more of these exotic creations.

Check out these and other delicious gourmet cupcakes, cookies and other sweet treats at Cookies by Design/Cupcake by Design/Candy Emporium, located at 3080 44th St SW, Grandville in front of Cabela’s.

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