Cupcake Flavors Are Changing…Just Like The Season

Another West Michigan Summer is sadly coming to an end, however, with these 90-degree very humid days we are recently having, it still feels like summer. YAY!

There is something about being a Michigander, we just love our seasons and the change. I, being born and raised here, have to say, as much as I love summer, I also look forward to fall. Fall, for me and my family means, watching my daughter, Hannah #2, play Volleyball at Grandville High School and attending High School Football games on Friday nights, college games and tailgating on Saturday, and yes, I know soon will mean we will be raking leaves.These events do bring out the community in us, dressing in school colors, making and eating lots of good food with friends and family, and cheering loudly for our local athletes.

September also means time for Back To School……and to help the kiddos get back to school in fun fashion, we here at Cupcake by Design decided to create a teacher-approved bubble gum concoction. We created a pink cupcake that tastes like pink bubble gum, decided it needed a filling that is a marshmallow chewy, ooey, gooey, and topped it with a blue bubble-gum-flavored frosting. Kids in West Michigan can rejoice, here is a bubble gum that you can get away with eating in class. No lip-smacking chewing noises will be going on here, or bubble gum blowing contests, just pure joy as they enjoy the flavor. This cupcake has been kid and teenager approved!

hannah 2

German Chocolate
German Chocolate

For the adults in us, we feature this month a German Chocolate and Peachy Keen! Stop in and enjoy or call 616-532-3067 and have a box delivered. In addition to these September flavors, we also feature a wide array of daily cupcake flavors. While keeping some of our popular core flavors, we are also introducing new ones such as Brownie Madness, Chunky Monkey and more Gluten-Free options. For a complete list, please visit the Cupcake Flavors page.

Whatever flavor you choose, we hope you take a moment to sit back and enjoy the change of the seasons that only #puremichigan can provide.