Family Reunion Season is in Full Swing

July is officially known as Family Reunion Month.  This is a good time to get relatives to all come together. Whether it is families who see each other every weekend or ones that haven’t seen each other in years, this month is dedicated to finally planning that trip you’ve been putting off and get together with the people who are most important in your life.

There are many ways to put on a family reunion. In past years, my family has rented out a wing of a hotel because there are so many of us. However, some families can get together and  just stay at one of the relative’s houses.

It may be difficult for everyone to find a week, or even just a weekend, when everyone can get together. My family put it off for years because there was always one or two that couldn’t swing it. However, when we all finally made it happen one year, we realized how important it is to gather with the ones you love.

Take that week or weekend off that you have been telling yourself you would to go see your family. It may seem like you could be doing other things, like working around the house or getting that job done, but once you finally do, it will be worth it.

Need some help deciding where to hold your family reunion?  Here are some ideas;

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