Fun Friday with CUPCAKES!

Remember high school homecoming and the “designated days”? Especially popular was Mismatch Monday (celebrated as Wacky Wednesday at the rival school) when the student population was encouraged to attend wearing crazy clothing combinations: plaid with striped, pink with orange, tube sock with bobby sock, the more creative the better. Who knew this was really a life lesson teaching us that unlikely pairings can create super successful results?! For instance:

Leather bustier + pink tulle skirt = award-winning Betsey Johnson Fashion

Pragmatic Cuban musician + flighty redhead wife = timeless sitcom, I Love Lucy

Shot of bourbon + chaser of pickle juice = hipster favorite drink, Pickleback

Cupcake by Design has embraced this philosophy and designated every Friday as “Fun Friday” – the opportunity to design a cupcake right here on location at Cookies by Design/Cupcake by Design in Grandville. Create while you wait! Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana Chocolate Chip or Funfetti and add some unlikely Fluffernutter or Cream Cheese filling and then frost with Chocolate Buttercream, Cream Cheese or Chocolate Peanut butter. Your crazy combo might just start a whole new trend.

What is the most unlikely, yet oddly successful, pairing you’ve ever seen? (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas! Bourbon and pickle juice!) Let us know right here and you could win your very own free Fun Friday cupcake creation!