Give Me S’More and then S’more Later…

S’more milkshakes, s’more donuts, and even s’more French toast. There are so many ways to eat s’mores it’s almost unimaginable. Just google “ways to eat a s’more” and you’ll see how many possible things there are to do with the famous marshmallow treat smashed between chocolate and graham crackers. Clearly, the s’more has come a long way since a Girl Scouts member first invented the summertime treat way back in 1912. You can even find them at weddings nowadays. A s’more bar at a barn wedding with a full array of dipped graham crackers, marshmallows ready to toast, and chunks of Hershey chocolate is the latest and greatest s’more trend.

But, obviously there is one way to use them that takes the cake for us, no pun intended, a s’mores cupcake. Our delicious chocolate cupcake with a graham cracker bottom, topped with marshmallows, chocolate drizzle, and a Hershey candy. The s’more cupcake at Grandville Cookies and Cupcake by Design is all you need next to a bonfire. So, take part in celebrating National S’mores Day this August 10th, whether it’s at a wedding or bakery, or enjoy it with us in our favorite way: a s’mores cupcake.

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