Great Cakes in Grand Rapids This Summer = OBERON!

OBERON: King of the fairies in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Some would argue that Shakespeare is his most clever and delightful in Midsummer.

OBERON BEER: Eagerly anticipated West Michigan seasonal beer. There is little argument that Oberon beer is most delightful with its yellow-gold color, bubbly white head, subtle citrus notes, toasted grains, and clever limited release.

OBERON CUPCAKE: Delightful chocolate cupcake infused with Oberon beer and a hint of orange zest. No argument at all that this ‘cake, cleverly frosted with Oberon beer buttercream and garnished with a candied orange peel, is a must-have summer indulgence. Available for Father’s Day, available for picnics, available ONLY at Cupcake by Design!

We’re making the most of the limited availability of West Michigan summer’s PREMIER beer and offering Oberon Cupcakes daily starting in June, $3.95 each. Stop in today to get yours!