National Brownie Day – December 7th

Sometimes the only way to stay sane, is to go a little crazy.” ~ Unknown

National Brownie Day is celebrated on December 7th in honor of this humble but wildly popular treat. The origins of the brownie are uncertain. Did a loony chef throw chocolate into his biscuits? Did a flighty housewife “ruin” a cake recipe and serve it anyway? Regardless, Cupcake by Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan is nuts about brownies.

Brownies drive us bonkers, seriously crazy with their chewy, chocolaty goodness! If we were the rational types, we’d confine the deliriously decadent brownie to a square pan or a snack in the hand. But no, that’s not how we roll (or ‘cake, as the case may be). Instead we are busting out a crazy vanilla cupcake with chunks and bits of gooey chocolate brownie, and even MORE brownies lurking in the frosting.

But why stop there? Finishing off with extra chocolate drizzle seems the reasonable thing to do. Not cuckoo enough for you? Then how about a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie? We start with a big hunk of gooey delectable chocolate brownie and scoop an ever bigger hunk of eggless cookie dough on top! Grab a fork, spoon, fingers, whatever you have to dive in and enjoy this Cupcake by Design special treat!

Here’s how all the madness happens …

Are we going off the rails on this crazy cupcake train? Nah. We’re sensible enough to offer $1.00 off any brownie or cupcake on December 7! Come see us and say “I love brownies” to receive your $1.00 off at 3080 44th St SW in Grandville (in front of Target and Cabela’s) for your taste of sweet sanity.


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