National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – August 4, 2015

Chip on your shoulder, chip off the ol’ block, chip away, chip in – the word chip has so many meanings. But there was a time in my life that “chip” could only mean the brooding hunk of masculinity that sat across from me in 8th grade algebra.

Chip Ryan. There was something exciting and mysterious about Chip Ryan. He was compact — shorter and more solid than many boys his age. He was dark — deep brown hair, intense black eyes. And smooth — he didn’t talk much, but when he did it was in a smoky man-voice that made the female population of Southside Junior High simply melt. I was too shy to speak to Chip Ryan, instead I spent all of 8th grade pining from afar (across the 30 inch chasm between his desk and mine). Chip Ryan was constantly on my mind, featured in most of my conversations, and the subject of countless diary pages. Eighth grade was all about Chip – no wonder I flunked algebra.

Admit it, folks. We’ve all had our “Chip,” an all-consuming, bittersweet crush. Lucky for us that we can still crush on a compact, dark, smooth chip: Chocolate Chip!

August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and for good reason. Chocolate Chip Cookies are the perfect combination of buttery sweet dough and chunks of chocolatey goodness. Created in the 1930s at the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, Chocolate Chip Cookies have since gained international acclaim and become a cross-cultural, timeless favorite.

Here at Cookies by Design/Cupcake by Design August 4th is all about “chip” as we feature our Chocolate Chip Gourmet Cookie (that good old classic), and our Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie. Come in for the very best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Grand Rapids – we will be giving away 1 free cookie per person all day!

You can crush on cookies, cupcakes and candy at our location at 3080 44th St SW, Grandville (in front of Cabela’s and Target).