Office-of-the-Week Marketing Promotion

I have the easiest marketing job ever….I could literally walk into any local business and not have to say a word. I have more friends than anyone I know (well maybe not as many as Angelina Jolie or Justin Bieber). Why? Because I sell cupcakes and cookies! Simple as that. I create cupcakes or cookies and anytime, anywhere I am willing to give them away for FREE. My goodies do the talking for me and have gained me many “friends” in my little neck of the woods.

Recently I was approached by another small business owner that wanted to create a fun promotion called “Office of the Week”. This go-getter business owner asked me to join in. At first I thought it was because of my wit and brilliant ideas, until the first thing she asked me was “would you be willing to give away some of your cupcakes and cookies to local businesses?”. Once again, trumped by my product. So I picked my ego up off the floor and said, “Sure Why Not!” sounds like a great way to build brand awareness in my local market.

How to create your own Office-of-the-Week Marketing Campaign:

  1. Gather a few business owners that can offer samples or something of value to a local business. For instance our little group offers beauty supplies, mugs and coasters, candies, and then my cupcakes and cookies. The businesses in our group are all part of the same Chamber of Commerce which is a great starting place to gather a few “friends”.
  2. Decide on a time frame. We have chosen to do the office of the week. To be honest, we might have to move it to office of the month due to our time constraints. Once you start something, it is important to be consistent. It is okay to be realistic with your schedule and determine that once a week might be too much to execute properly.
  3. We randomly choose an office that fits our target market and demographic profile of our customers. After all, the point is to market and build your business. We use the Chamber office directory for a great starting point to find businesses in our area.
  4. National Holidays are a great way to pick an office, For instance, during National Nurses Week, we went to a doctor’s office; on National Waitress and Waiters Day, we chose a local restaurant, etc.
  5. Choose one member of your small group to call the business on Monday. Plan what you will say, our script is “Hello my name is Jennifer and I am calling from Cookies and Cupcake by Design in Grandville, Michigan. I have partnered with some other local businesses through the Grandville Chamber of Commerce and we are recognizing an Office of the Week. Your office was chosen for what you do in our community. We would like to come in and deliver you some goodies this week. We are not trying to sell you anything. We are simply honoring those that work so hard. What day and time would be the best day to come in and how many employees do you have?”
  6. On the day and time chosen, a few of us or one member of our small group will show up and deliver the goodies. We thank them for what they do. We ask if we can take a picture for our social media pages. We are not selling our product or asking them to discuss our product. We are dropping off goodies only!
  7. Create a raffle prize box and offer prizes for a chosen winner for that office. When dropping off the goodies, leave behind the raffle box with entry slips that is optional for the employees to enter. We circle back in 2-3 days to pick up the entries. I would recommend not leaving the box any longer in the business you do not want to be a nuisance and you also do not want to lose this valuable information of contact information for you to contact at a later time.

Overall, this promotion has been beneficial in building our brand, and gaining new customers. In addition, it is a great opportunity for me to witness the excitement of some local folks who really appreciate the free goodies and that someone else took the time to brighten their day.

Would your office like to receive some free cookies and cupcakes? Let us know and nominate your business by commenting below. You never know, I might just show up at your door….

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