It’s summer! Time to welcome back the “flip flop,” that funky foam sandal that makes a distinctly casual (and noisy) seasonal debut each year. Historians believe the flip flop traces back to the Ancient Egyptians, although various cultures have similar forms of footwear dating before 4000 B.C. Palm leaves and papyrus were the materials of choice in Egypt, while rice straw was prevalent in China and Japan. Other cultures used wood or rawhide. Nowadays, most of these shoes are made of more durable materials like leather and even recycled tires. Flip flops are timeless and indispensable.

But can you eat them? At Cupcake by Design you can!

July’s featured cupcake is Pink Lemonade (another indispensable summer favorite), a refreshingly zesty cupcake with a hint of pink lemonade, topped with a lip-smacking swirl of pink lemonade frosting, and garnished with FLIP FLOP CANDIES.

Shoes you can chew! (Down, Fido.)

The Pink Lemonade cupcake is an adorably sweet way to flip into summer, flop on the beach, and give your self a timeless treat. It’s available daily in the month of July.

A scrumptious selection of Great Grand Rapids cupcakes, cookies and candies await you at Cookiesby Design/Cupcake by Design/Candy Emporium, located at 3080 44th Street SW, Grandville (in front of Cabela’s and Target).