Surviving Back-to-School Season

Back to School season usually consists of two kinds of people. The ones who love nothing more than buying new pens, pencils, and planners and the ones who practically cringe seeing the school supplies go up in stores. Whichever category you fall into, there’s almost no escaping it. It’s that time! Whether you’re the parent getting your kid ready for their first day of kindergarten or a college student scheduling your classes, there are a few ways to survive the back-to-school season.

Survival Tip 1:
Set a sleeping routine early. Start going to bed at a decent time now, putting aside your summer schedule of staying up late and waking up late, so by the time your early mornings come around, you’re not dragging yourself out of bed half asleep. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself on your first day back!

Survival Tip 2:
Plan your day the night before. If you’re the kind of person who is always running around in the morning trying to scramble together your books, make breakfast, and somehow throw on a decent outfit, try planning out your day the night before. Pick out an outfit, get your school supplies together and in order, and give yourself time to make breakfast. This will make for an easy morning and a less stressful day ahead.

Survival Tip 3:
Get to know your professor or teacher. Send an email introducing yourself or stay after class to let them know anything extra you can do to help around the classroom or get ahead on the class material. You can also get to know them in our favorite way, obviously, with a cookie bouquet or some cupcakes. At Grandville’s Cookies and Cupcake by Design, we have an array of back-to-school cookie bouquets to help get on the teacher’s good side. Nothing says you’re ready to learn like some delicious cupcakes. We can even hand-deliver them to your classroom in the greater Grand Rapids area, Lansing, Lakeshore, and Kalamazoo!

Going back to school can be quite the transition, but with these tips, you can survive the frenzy that is Back to School season!

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