Tasty Tips to Say Thank You

Did you ever receive a letter in the mail saying ‘thank you’? Whether it was thanking you for a gift or thanking you for your time, I am sure receiving that ‘thank you’ made you feel valued. I know that, personally, when I provide something to someone, hearing that they appreciate it makes me feel valued. And if you are a hard-working professional, you know that keeping up with the valued relationships of your suppliers, distributors, and corporate partners can be a lot to handle.

With how many things we all take on, making sure to say “thank you” to all these partners tends to be low on the priority list. However, this is such an important aspect because making your business partners feel valued is what lets them know that you really appreciate their business. This is where our corporate gifting comes in. At Grandville’s Cookies and Cupcake by Design, we provide a personalized way to say “thank you” by putting the company’s logo right onto a delicious cookie or cupcake and customizing it for your industry. We will even hand-deliver it to their office in the greater Grand Rapids area, Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Lakeshore.

With us, we make your priority list a little shorter and will take care of it all for you. Visit our website at www.grandrapidscookiesandcupcakebydesign.com or stop in and see what we can do to make your life a easier and your corporate relationships better.

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