Going to the Chapel and we’re gonna eat Cupcakes!

Cupcakes are a unique dessert for your wedding celebrations.  They allow the bride and groom to offer a variety of flavors for dessert to their guests.  Long gone are the days where a vanilla cake with raspberry filling is all you could get.  Woo Hoo!

Some brides choose a vanilla or chocolate cupcake decorated beautifully with pretty flowers or elegant swirls.  Some brides pick a theme, such as Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake for dessert and the party favor for guests, their own Strawberry Jelly!   Some Brides go for a huge assortment.  Over 13 flavors at one wedding.  Wow, I want to be a guest there.  How would you choose?  I would get with my table and have us all pick something different and share amongst us all.  However, we recommend only offering between 4-6 flavors as to not overwhelm your guests.

Anyway you slice it, (oh another beautiful perk of Cupcakes at your wedding, no slicing fee, Yes, some venues charge a cake slicing fee) is that cupcakes make a great compliment to your wedding.

To get started, give Cupcake by Design a call 616-532-3067.  We have a complimentary sampling.  You can choose up to 4 flavors to sample.  We offer set up, a cupcake tower to rent,  No worries, we have it handled so you can just enjoy your day!

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